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  • Update – January 8, 2018

    Press Release – Superintendent Rex Weltz, Polson School District

    On Saturday, January 6, 2018, Polson School District officials were notified that part of the south non-weight bearing parapet wall at Linderman Elementary School had collapsed on to the locker room below.  No one was in the area at the time of the collapse and no one was injured.  Local law enforcement responded to the scene and the building was secured. 

    Because there is a great deal of misinformation circulating over social media, we want to provide accurate information to the community, and to provide an avenue for timely and transparent updates on the process the District will follow to address the facility concerns at Linderman.  The safety of our students, staff and community remain our paramount concern.

    On January 1, 2018, District personnel noticed a bowing in the south parapet wall at Linderman while plowing.  District staff contacted Paradigm Architects (PA) and PA arranged for an engineer to be on site on January 2, 2018.  By Friday, January 5, 2018, Tom Beaudette of DCI-BCE Engineering produced a report identifying significant movement in the south wall and prepared a stabilization plan to address the bowing of the south parapet wall.  As a precaution, all games were moved out of the Linderman gym due to the risk of the bowed parapet wall over the locker room area and rescheduled at SKC until it was confirmed that the area was safe for student, staff and community use.   This precautionary measure was a result of the potential risk of the parapet wall failing and falling onto the locker room and not a catastrophic failure of the gym roof itself.  Before the stabilization plan work could begin on Tuesday, January 9, the wall partially collapsed, causing snow and part of the wall to collapse into the locker rooms.

    The District will work diligently to address the significant facility issues at Linderman, and will provide updates to the students, staff and community as often as possible.  The update as of January 8, 2018, is as follows:

    • The Linderman gym will be closed to ALL activities for the remainder of the school year.
    • School Administrators Scott Wilson and Jay Krantz will develop a plan to accommodate extracurricular activities that were scheduled to occur at the Linderman gym.  All questions about extracurricular activities should be directed to Jay Krantz at jkrantz@polson.k12.mt.us
    • Because of some plumbing and electrical damage that resulted from the collapse, the following Linderman areas will also be closed for the foreseeable future: all gym space, locker rooms, music room, and library.  The Administrative team will meet to develop an alternative plan for Linderman school-day activities that require these spaces.
    • Busses will be rerouted to the FRONT of the Linderman for drop off.  No busses or cars will be allowed to use the back of the school OR the parking lot for student drop off or pick up.  In addition, the Linderman parking lot will be entirely closed with the exception of the northern-most row of parking spaces running parallel to the sidewalk along the front of the building. 
    • The Board will meet as soon as possible to hear recommendations from the engineers and options for going forward.  We know the damage is significant and the Board’s priority is to select a solution that is designed to ensure the safety and welfare of our students, staff and community.

    We will post updates as soon as possible.  Please contact me if you have any additional questions or concerns.

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