Students of the Month

  • November Student of the Month


    5 TH Grade

    Baylee Lemm is Respectful! Whether she is in class, the library, walking down the hall or at recess, Baylee is always showing respect to her teachers and her peers. She is the first one to offer help to a classmate in need. She comes to class prepared and always follows directions the first time she is asked. Baylee is also respectful with her words. She knows that people can be hurt by what we say so she always thinks before she speaks! Her words are always positive, complimentary and encouraging.

    Isabo  Fyant is the student of the month for respectful. Izzy is an outstanding student who always shows respect to those around her. She is kind, fun loving, and a great team player. We are lucky to have Izzy in our class. 

    Ryder Bissegger is the student of the month for respectful. Ryder is well-mannered and kind to those around him. He shows respect to students and adults, and has a great attitude. I appreciate Ryder&#39’s good nature and friendly smile.

    Cruz Lies:  Cruz is an individual who is respectful where ever he goes:  classroom. library, cafeteria, hallways and out in the community.  He shows positive actions towards everyone and everything. He has a high esteem and regard to life in general.  He shows care and concern for his education, his family and of others. Cruz is humble. His peers look up to him and appreciate him for who he is. He is tolerant of others. Cruz can be counted on to do the right thing. He is a prime example of someone who is RESPECTFUL. Cruz makes our classroom community a great place to be.

    Madison Lake:  This young lady is respectful to herself, others and her surroundings.  She is looked up to by her peers. They see her as caring and thoughtful.  She values herself and the ideas and thoughts of others. Madison follows the Golden Rule.  She continuously uses her good manners no matter where she is within our school or community. She works hard and doesn’t give up. Madison strives to be the best person she can be.  We are fortunate to have her as part of our classroom community. She makes every day a great day!

    6 th Grade


    7 th Grade

    Lauren Collinge comes to mind when we think about outstanding students who treat everyone with respect.  She has a positive influence in the classroom and shows kindness and respect to all.  Thank you Lauren!  

    Polson Middle School would like to recognize Elsie BigBow as one of our November Students of the Month.  She demonstrates respect in her daily interactions with her teachers and peers. During group work, she makes a point to work with students of all interests and ability levels and makes a point to make other students feel included. She makes Polson Middle School and even better place and we are lucky to have her here!  Elsie is on time and quiet and ready to learn.  She also shows respect by allowing her classmates speak and give their opinions without interruption, she picks up trash in the halls and is the first to help clean up in the classroom and cafeteria.

    8 th Grade

    Karli Owens: This young lady is beautiful on the inside and out in so many ways!! For this award we are going to focus on how respectful she is. Karli is respectful of others feelings, she has a knack for seeing someone who could use an extra friend, and is the first one there. She also is the first one to be quiet and paying attention once the lesson has started. She graciously says please and thank you for even the smallest things. She is a role model for PMS in so many ways but today we would like to thank her for being respectful of herself, her peers, her teachers and our school!

    Basil Lefthand

    Christian Ruther stands out when it comes to respect.  Christian works hard to help his classmates at school and stands up for others. He is responsible and dependable. He shows respect to teachers and staff at the middle school. Outside of school, Christian is a member of the boy scouts, which actively works to make our community better. Thanks, Christian for being an important part of the Polson

    Middle School Crew!