Students of the Month

  • March Student of the Month



    5 TH Grade

    Izabell Lorentine has the ability to turn new and imaginative ideas into beautiful pieces of art. She can take any topic and use her creative ability to form a product that reveals her uniqueness, yet displays her knowledge of the given topic. Izabell takes pride in her art and works diligently to create a piece that is nothing but spectacular and pleasing to the eye. She is very artistically creative.

    Aria Taylor is a creative thinker. She is able to look a situations or problems with a fresh and somewhat unique perspective. Aria is curious in nature. She has an openness that allows her to take the ideas of others and create a work that represents learning of any given topic. However, Aria is also independent and considered intelligent and well looked up to by her peers. She likes a challenge and is inquisitive. Aria is highly creative.

    6 th Grade

    Corbin Bennett absolutely epitomizes creative The way he problem solves is light-years ahead of my feeble mind.  His artwork is second to none, as is his sense of humor.  He is a ray of sunshine in class and always has a joke or a pun to start class.  Way to go Corbin!!

    Charmyn Duran was nominated not only for her artistic skills and interests.    She is also naturally curious and loves to explore.   She is creative because she is an original thinker.  She comes up with new ways of doing things.   When faced with a task Charmyn can recognize new and different approaches to complete it.   She is an excellent problem solver.    

    Justice Griffin is the MacGyver of Polson Middle School. His imagination and Creativity allows him to find a unique use for everyday items. Justice thinks outside of the box and creatively repurposes items destined for the trash into useful, exciting inventions. One of his more outstanding examples of Creativity is the mop bucket ringer he rescued, redesigned, and repurposed into a can smasher that he uses during his weekly rounds as a recycling leader at PMS. His ability to see the value in any item makes him a Creative leader in our school.

    7 th Grade

    Cortlin Brisbin has a creative mind. He was an integral part of our Boat Building team while coming up with creative ideas.

    Creative can be defined in many ways and one is being artist.  One creative student at Polson Middle School in the 7th grade is Phoenix Rennich.  During the creations of the Duck Dynasty Boats, Phoenix stepped up and created a team spirit poster for our advisory class.  Not only did she work on it during recess time, she took it home to work on it.  This piece of art was creative to say the least.  She created a fire like lettering and blended the colors to make it look like a realistic fire.  Her dedication to this one piece of art is a true example one way she is creative.  Phoenix has so much potential and is very creative!  Dream big, Phoenix! 

    8 th Grade