8th Grade English

  • "A word is dead when it is said,
    Some say.
    I say it just begins to live that day."
                 --Emily Dickinson

    Third quarter is well underway!  We are in the middle of our Who Am I? Book, an 8th grade tradition. Students contracted for their grade; our writing focus has centered around free-verse poetry, narrative writing, a Sense of Place essay, and an interview.  We will work on this project until March 10 for any student who contracted for a C, and March 17 for any student who opted for an A or B grade.  Please check with your child about the supplies needed to complete this book.

    The end of February and March will also bring another activity to our school: One Book, One Community.  We received a grant from the Reading Awards Program.  Our challenge was to design activities to promote and reward reading.

    Over the next few weeks, all 531 students in our building will read the same book: Woodsong, a memoir by Gary Paulsen.  It's a simple, yet eloquent book about Paulsen's experiences raising sled dogs and his own participation in the world-famous Iditarod.  We have designed a reading challenge for all students to read the same number of minutes as the southern route of the Iditarod: 975 miles.  At various checkpoints, they'll receive a ticket for a drawing.  These reading minutes will also count toward their Silverwood reading log (one they can use in June, July, or August).

    Classes will choose various mushers to watch during the Iditarod just before the race begins.  Mush!