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Monster Mash Fun Run/Walk Results

Red Ribbon Week October 27, 2018

Polson School District provided this fun run as a way to celebrate Red Ribbon Week and promote healthy activities or our students and families. Thanks to those that  participated for showing your support for a drug free community and school district.

If you have any questions call or email Chris McElwee.

883-6229 ext. 403

Below are the RESULTS of the Monster Mash Fun Run

Name Category Time
LaFrambois, Zoran PMS 19:37.0
Arnold, Lauren AF 20.48
Brenner, Lou AM 20.48
Wilson, Colter PMS 21.13
Morigeau, Erich PMS 22.36
Karli, Owens PMS 22.37
Lemm, Baylee PMS 22.59
Hendrickcs, Cassidy PMS 23.11
Bontadelli, Jackson Lind 23.14
Roberts, Noah PMS 23.29
McElwee, Owen PMS 25.1
Sherry, Karter PMS 25.14
Currie, Madyson PHS 25.29
Sawyer, Lucian PMS 25.43
Lies, Cruz PMS 25.56
Farnstrom, Carla AF 25.59
Delaney, Morgan Lind 26.28
Simonich, Brittany AF 26.58
Gage, Taegen PMS 27.01
Soukup, Paul AM 27.25
Morigeau, Ashley AF 27.26
Ricks, Hayden Lind 27.28
Ricks, Josh Lind 27.28
Miskimins, Laura AF 27.46
Emerson, Casey AF 28.11
Smith, Katelyn PMS 28.16
Sawyer, Roman Lind 28.48
Bird, Maddox PMS 30.35
Bird, Malea AF 30.36
Bird, Jess AM 30.37
Gage, Strider Lind 30.38
Gage, Krista AF 30.54
Hisel, Angela AF 31.53
Allred, Bryce PMS 32.16
Emerson, Holden PMS 32.17
Sawyer, Elizabeth AF 33.01
Bjorge, Elisabeth PHS 33.41
Beard, Megan AF 33.55
Duckworth, Roxanne AF 33.56
Delaney, Quinn Lind 34.42
Delaney, Char AF 34.47
Bontadelli, Riley CV 34.59
Bontadelli, Becca AF 35.01
Smith, Michael PHS 35.03
Duffey, Madline PMH 37.53
Smith, Karly PMS 37.54
Smith, Tyana AF 37.54
Duffey, Holly AF 37.57
Taylor, Rylee Lind 40.35
Buckless, Brandie AF 40.36
Pablo, landon PMH 42.16
Smith, Addy LIND 1.00.46
Smith, Katey AF 1.00.48
Balderas, Maddow CV 1.00.49
Balderas, Fidencio AM 1.01.25


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